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Frame details
Min. recommended format 400.0 x 500.0 MM
Max. recommended format 800.0 x 1000.0 MM
Molding width 110.1 MM
Molding height 28.9 MM
Rabbet height 12.6 MM
Rabbet depth 11.5 MM
Decor aged polished gold (red bolus layer) & rosewood
Size artwork
Please check the diagonal above with that of the work to be framed.
About the diagonals +

If the diagonal of your artwork does not match
the theoretical diagonal shown above, your subject is not perpendicular.
Your subject may not fit in the frame or that there may be a gap between the subject and the frame.

Possible solutions:
• deepen the rebate by a few mm
and cover the artwork by a few mm more.
Please signal this in the "comments" section
in the confirmation page
• adjust the subject so it becomes square (if possible)
• ignore the difference (at your own risk)

To calculate the theoretical diagonal shown above
the Pythagorean theorem is used:
for a right triangle, the sum of
the squares of the lengths of the rectangle sides
equal to the square of the length of the hypotenuse.

Regarding the artwork +

When framing, 5 to 7 mm of each side of
the artwork is covered by the frame.

• If the signature is closer to one of the edges,
it will be partially covered.

• If the edges of the subject are unpainted or damaged over a
distance of 5 to 7 mm, these imperfections will be visible after framing.

Possible solutions:
• deepen the rebate by a few mm
• move the subject a few mm (if possible) relative to the frame opening
• restore the artwork (if possible)

Canvasses and panels are secured with small nails.
Paper subjects in paper must be secured to a sturdy support first.

Frame size
Opening measure
Rabbet measure
External measure
Price excl. VAT
Production time for this frame: 6 weeks
Middle detail
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