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Ready-Made Frames

Picture frames standard sizes

• Professional wooden design photo frames, made in Belgium.
• 29 standard sizes from 10x15 cm to 80x100 cm
• Wide choice of profiles and finishes (wood veneer, stained, lacquered, gold, silver)
• Carefully finished corners
• 3 mm glass
• MDF back with universal hanging system system (horizontal and vertical)
• Acid-free buffer paper sheet
• Quick closure system that allows you to open and close the frame several times.

Choose a Ready Made photo frame to show off your images: photos, posters, drawings, watercolours, etc.
Order your Ready Made photo or poster frame online.
Completely tailored to our Ready-Cut mats
All about the READY-MADE photo &
poster frames
high-quality wooden design frames
The Ready-Made photo frames and poster frames are high-quality wooden design frames.

They are perfect for framing photos, posters, etchings, engravings, screen prints, drawings, watercolours … you name it.
Their clean elegant contemporary design fits into any interior and shows off any image or subject to its full advantage.

The carefully thought-out series of standard formats offers a neat solution for all common photo and paper sizes.

Ready-Made photo frames are always in stock, ready to take away or deliver, and are available in various designs and finishes.
Those who prefer frames with the warm look of wood are sure to find something
to their liking in the wide range of maple or oak veneer picture frames.

Frames in polished gold or polished silver enclose your pictures
with extra shine and finesse.

The sleek look of black lacquered picture frames, very popular for framing
black and white picture
s, is only matched by the ...
how could it be otherwise, the white lacquered picture frames.

For those looking for the charm of a discreetly present wood texture, the black,
white or deep grey tinted wooden frame
s available in all 27 standard sizes.

The Ready-Made picture frames are available not only in the classic rectangular shape
but also in contemporary square versions.

The wooden picture frames are easy to combine with the Ready-Cut passe-partouts.
3D photo frames
With a 3D picture frame or poster frame, a batten creates a distance
between the glass and the framed picture (or passe-partout),
creating a spatial effect that adds depth and presence.

3D frames are also used to frame works of art or objects with a certain relief.

3D frames are available in maple or oak veneer,
black, white or deep grey tinted wood,
white or black lacquered wood.
The Ready-Made photo frames and poster frames use profiles with beautiful
clean lines
that look great in any interior.
Its elegant design look makes the Ready-Made frame the ideal frame
for any gallery or photo exhibition.

Ready-Made picture frames ST-F & ST-L: The ST-F profile is a sleek modern-looking profile, measuring 14 mm (width) by 24 mm (height), and is used for sizes up to 50x60 cm and for square frames. The ST-L profile is the big brother, measuring 20 mm (width) by 32 mm (height), and is used for sizes from 50x60 cm to 80x100 cm.

Ready-Made picture frames XS: The XS profile measures 10 mm (width) by 15 mm (height), and is used for picture frames from 13x18 cm to 28x35 cm. The 13x18 cm frame is a standing frame (thanks to a back support that allows the frame to be used horizontally or vertically).

Ready-Made photo frames 3D: The 3D profile measures 20 mm (width) by 32 mm (height) and includes a 15 mm spacer strip. The 3D range consists of 3 rectangular formats: 24x30 cm, 30x40 cm and 40x50 cm, supplemented by 2 square formats: 30x30 cm and 40x40 cm

Ready-Made photo frames 3D-15: The 3D-15 profile measures 15 mm (width) by 30 mm (height) and includes a 15 mm spacer bar. The 3D-15 range consists of 5 rectangular formats: 13x18 cm to 30x40 cm, complemented by 2 square formats: 20x20 cm and 30x30 cm. The 13x18 cm frame is a standing frame (thanks to a back support that allows the frame to be used horizontally or vertically).

Ready-Made photo frames 3D-9: The 3D-9 profile measures 9 mm (width) by 24 mm (height) and includes a 10 mm spacer bar. The 3D-9 range consists of 4 formats: 10x15 cm, 13x18 cm, 15x20 cm and 20x20 cm. All formats in the 3D-9 range are portrait photo frames (a back support allows the frames to be used both horizontally and vertically).

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