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Arts & Crafts

Inktense - grate and shake
Inktense blocks - on stamps
Graphik Line Maker
Inktense blocks - quick drawing
Inktense blocks - on silk

FW in Motion - acrylic inks with Anthony Cerretani - long version
System3 acrylics with Pepe Gaka
Aquafine Suite with Charles Evans
System3 Acrylic - Industrial therapy #1 by Pepe Gaka
How to create glazes with Graduate Oil Colour ?

Watercolour Stick
Pigment Marker – with Gary Webb
Watercolour Marker
Fineliner & 16:9 Sketchpad
Pigment Marker – Introduction

D - Restore frames

Mirror with Crown
Mirror with pediment
Wooden Louis XIV frame
Oval Mirror
Two consoles
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