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Hobby & Crafts

Bave de Cléo Vampire's blood
Bave de Cleo Unicorn snot
Creating jewels with Glass'Flex Resin and Resin'Pad
Bave de Cléo cow's bogey
Bave de Cléo Black Pearl

Fimo Leather Effect - tutorial - scarf
Fimo Leather Effect - tutorial - notebook
Fimo Basics - jelly roll cane
Fimo Leather Effect - tutorial - key chain
Fimo Basics - finishing

Origami - paper flower pot holder
Polymer clay
Resin mosaïc
Opaque embossing powder
Origami - paper hens for christmas light

Arts & Crafts

Inktense - Stick holder
Inktense block - on fabric
Graphik Line Painter
Inktense blocks - quick drawing
Graphic Pencils
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