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Arts & Crafts

Macramé Nomadic Flask TUTO
TUTO Scandinavian style vase in FIMO® Air
TUTO SLAB - Vintage FIMO® earrings
TUTO SLAB - Tropical FIMO® earrings
TUTO SLAB - Fruity FIMO® earrings
Graine Créative Stencils TUTO - Cactus pots
TUTO FIMO® UPCYCLING - Vase with metal sheets
TUTO FIMO® Effect- crystal effect picture holder
TUTO FIMO® Effect - Crystal effect jewellery set
TUTO FIMO® Tropical Leaf Cups
FIMO® TUTO Golden Leaf Candleholders
FIMO® BASICS TUTO 4 tips for creating textures
TUTO Travel tag in FIMO® Leather
Tutorial - FIMOⓇ hairpin
Tutorial - Flower earrings with FIMO®
Shrink Plastic - a feather necklace
Tutorial - a funny soap
DIY FIMO® NÉON - beautiful earrings
DIY FIMO® NÉON multicoloured earrings
Christine Dumont - Staedtler - FIMO Professional
Christine Dumont - Staedtler - FIMO Professional

Hobby & Crafts

Shrink plastic
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