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Flashe - Matheid-helderheid en iriserend medium
Flashe - Painting in solid colors
Falshe - Paint on any surface
Sculpt the light with black and white colours
Release your emotions
Step 6 : Modeling Paste and rocks painting
Step 5 : De binder and use of sand
Step 4 : 3d Glossy gel
Step 3 : Glossy gel
Step 2 : Fluid medium
Step 1: The gesso
Venetian medium
Flemish siccative medium
Matte medium
Impasto medium
Cristal Medium
Painting mediums
Glaze with the Lefranc & Bourgeois siccative medium
The Charbonnel Lamour soft black ground manufacturing
Artists painting manufacturing

Kids world

Spoty School Pack - gouache
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