Schleiper Art Gallery presents

From November 22, 2023 to November 23, 2024

Schleiper Art Gallery

Chaussée de Charleroi, 149
1060 Brussels
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Exposition des 70's

paintings, watercolors, drawings, etchings, pastels from the 70's

As of 22 November, the Schleiper Art Gallery's wide collection of artists and works from the 1970s will be expanded to include the work of Jan De Winter, born and raised in Mechelen and an esteemed painter, draughtsman, graphic artist, cartoonist, set and costume designer.

The Schleiper Art Gallery, Chaussée de Charleroi 149 in 1060 Brussels, permanently shows some 100 works from the 1970s. These include paintings, watercolours, ink cash drawings, pastels and prints by ten renowned artists from home and abroad.
The works, some of which unmistakably embody the style of the 1970s, often bridge the gap between figuration and abstract.

More on the artistic context of the 1970s.

The artists on display:

Jan De Winter (Mechelen 1936-2020): drawings, pastels and paintings.

Guy Leclercq
(Opbrakel, 1940): 20 acrylic paintings on canvas and one colour pencil drawing on paper.

Luc Mondry (Ixelles, 1938), Brussels-based painter, watercolourist, draughtsman who died in 1999:
17 works on paper, ink and wash technique.

Teresa Van Aken - Van Gerwen (Merchtem, 1946): 10 pastel drawings on paper, figurative elements combined with tight shapes and sharp lines.

Henri Baviera (Nice, 1934) grew up in Saint-Paul de Vence and currently lives and works in Lorgues in the Var: 11 polychrome reliefs on handmade paper.

Michèle Nédélec (Anger, 1932): 14 aquatints on Rives paper. Aquatint is an engraving technique that allows the artist to create true areas of colour.

Bernard Remusat (Aix en Provence, 1953): fascinated by texts and signs found in caves: 8 screen prints on paper.

Roger Somville (Schaerbeek 1923 - Tervuren 2014), a name that needs no further introduction: several ink drawings.

Thomas Hamann (Stuttgart, 1955) whose work frequently refers to planets, astrology and the four primordial elements: water, fire, earth and air: 18 works on thick, handmade paper, using the carborundum technique (extremely hard grains that are fixed to a printing plate with glue or varnish to create an ideal intaglio plate).

Antoni Clavé (1913 Barcelona - 2005 St Tropez), a Catalan painter, graphic artist, designer and a friend of Picasso: 3 lithographs.

Frédéric Dufoor (Tournai, 1943), a renowned Belgian artist who taught for a long time at Saint Luc in Brussels: 2 acrylic paintings on canvas.

Paul van Hoeydonck (Antwerp, 1925) painter, draughtsman, graphic artist and sculptor: 5 screen prints.

All works are signed and offered for sale framed.